Springtime Is Garage Door Cleaning Time

Springtime Is Garage Door Cleaning Time

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Did you check the weather lately? It's getting better. Springtime is almost here and this is the perfect time to get organized for garage door maintenance. It's time to take care of parts, check the strengths of the door, and throw tree sticks blown with the winter winds away. It's time to get organized for garage door cleaning. Set a date, get the right products, and check the weather since this task is best to take place in a sunny day.Springtime Is Garage Door Cleaning Time

Track cleaning is of the essence

Cleaning garage door parts is essential. How can you possibly check whether the door works perfectly if there's debris everywhere! How can you lubricate the parts if they're dirty? Lubrication maintenance presupposes that parts are clean. Components get dusty overtime and dirt mixed with old lubricants is a bad combination. If you lubricate them without having cleaned them properly first, you won't achieve the expected results. In fact, you'll only achieve a nasty blend of grime from old lubricants with dirt and new lubricants. The movement might be stiff.

Give special attention to garage door tracks. Since they have room, they often host debris in large quantities. Even if debris hasn't prevented the good operation of the overhead door so far, it's good to have the tracks cleaned. It's equally important to keep the floor under the door clean. As a matter of fact, you should sweep the whole area in and out of the garage since tree leaves and sticks would be blown by the wind and still make a mess under the door. Don't forget that this area must stay clean at all times so the garage door opener sensors won't be confused and keep reversing the door. Now, you just have to clean the floor and the parts down to the last detail since the winter is slowly leaving us and along takes away debris, too.

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