An Assessment of Liftmaster and Genie Openers

An Assessment of Liftmaster and Genie Openers

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If there was a brand list that Garage Door Repair Brisbane had to refer to then Liftmaster and Genie would be quite high on that list. This is because we are specialists in these brands and regularly use their openers to complement garage doors at various properties. The attractiveness of these products is based on their efficiency as well as practicality. The brands are unique but also share important qualities including strength, durability, and convenience.

An Assessment of Liftmaster and Genie OpenersLiftmaster Openers

There has been a resurgence of Liftmaster openers primarily because they are readily available and product provides exceptional support for property owners. Some of the features that have been praised widely include the light feature which is a great bonus during those dark nights when you want to access your property without waking everyone up. The great engineering means that the accessories last longer and therefore you spend even less on maintenance.

* Features:  The most notable feature is the operational light which turns on and off depending on whether you are closing or opening the garage door.  The remote-controlled variety also has a programming facility which can customize the experience for users while at the same time addressing the security requirements of the property in question.

* Functionality: The Clicker KLIK1U remote control can take some time getting used to with all the developments and additional features. However, if you take the time to read the manual then there should really be no problem with this. Sometimes the button hole for the keyless pad will not function but that can easily be dealt with through regular maintenance.

Genie Openers

The wonderful thing about Genie is the fact that the brand creates superior products which function effortlessly. They are relatively easy to install and the instructions that come with them are not too difficult to decipher. We love the motherboard technology which has been added to the automated items. A chain gear has been added but some people complain that it is difficult to reverse. This is a traditional brand with a long history and therefore many see it as a sure bet.

* Features:  Genie has significantly reduced the noise that the opener makes when it opens or clears. The sensors work well and they are responsive to even the slightest movements. However, one has to watch out slightly for very hot days because it might affect how the sensors operate.

* Functionality: There is a year warranty coverage on parts which is advantageous but it is important to undertake proper maintenance because failure to do so can invalidate any prior arrangements for cover.  Due to the strength of the basic product, Genie excels in performance. It can open virtually any size of door and makes less noise than other competitors. In addition, the support that is available can in many ways resolve any issues of functionality.

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